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Sauternes AOP

Sauternes AOP

Grape varieties: 

80% Sémillon, 15% Sauvignon and 5% Muscadelle.



The Sauternes vineyard covers 1,600 hectares and is divided between 5 districts making up the appellation. It is one of the world’s most famous wines.


Grapes are harvested when fully ripe. As they ripen, a “noble” fungus develops on the grapes thanks to the region’s particular microclimate and produces the sugar that gives Sauternes its characteristic creaminess.



Gravelly and clay-calcareous.



Tasting notes


This wine is a straw yellow colour.



A rich fragrance of white orchard flowers, apricots and honey.



This sweet wine is accompanied by an explosion of aromas such as crystallised tangerine, apricot jam or citrus fruits, with excellent balance between acidity and rich natural sugars.


Serving suggestion:

This wine becomes even richer with age and is famous for being the ideal drink to serve with foie gras. It will nevertheless go very well with ordinary dishes like Roquefort cheese, white meats and dessert.


Serving temperature:
8 to 10 °C.


Lay down for:

4 to 10 years.

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