Louis Eschenauer

Bordeaux Aop


Grape varieties: 

Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet-Sauvignon.



The vineyard is in the heart of Entre-deux-Mers, between the Dordogne and the Garonne Rivers.


Once ripe, the grapes are picked and destemmed. To preserve the wine’s aromas and flavours, fermentation takes place at controlled temperatures. The wine is then vatted for 10 to 18 days. The ageing takes place in vats and in casks. The wine is bottled in the region of production.



Clay-calcareous hillsides.



Tasting notes


A deep ruby red.



A bouquet that is both refined and elegant, concentrated in red summer berries, slightly woody with subtle vanilla.



A creamy and fleshy taste with velvet-smooth tannins.


Serving suggestion:

This wine will compliment all red meat stews and casseroles, and all cheeses.


Serving temperature:
16 to 18°C.


Lay down for:

2 to 4 years.

- Our Selection "Réserve" -